Renee`s Clear  Cone 6 - electric kiln firing.  1230 C  or 2245 F

Frit 3134  (F-12 frit) 40 nits
Diamond Kaolin 20  nits
Silica/flint/qartz 30 nits
Nepheline Syenite 10 nits
I mix with water to gravity of 1440 grams per 1000ml of the slrry.
I se EPK vice Diamond Kaolin.
Seive throgh 120 gird.
A slight shadow of any nderglaze decoration shold be visible  when the pot is removed from the glaze.  If not the glaze is too thick.
Works well on thin walled pots.
This glaze likes a fast firing.  I se a 2hor ramp from 2 to 4 to 6 to high on the switches.

Bonsecor Bronze is a glaze recipe that is se by the Centre de Céramiqe Bonsecor, in Montreal, Qébec.

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Terrance is a retired Canadian Armed Forces Logistic Officer who traded his military uniform for a potter's wheel, when he retired in 1991.

Terry is presently working out of his studio, located in Longueuil, (St-Hubert,) Quebec, Canada.  You can find out more about him  here.


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