Getting it Up

Getting It Up



I move closer.

Embrace the wheel between my thighs.

Press hard the clay and watch it rise.

Into the strength, that phallic form,

The clay, it spins, I watch it hypnotise.

It goes to centre.

Away again.

Teasing and teasing,

And I press for more.

Up it rises a third time now.

I feel the joy.

This form is mine, the one,

I caress and stroke is fine.

Feeding my desire.

I press it down and out of life.

Again, I move closer to my wheel.

Press hard the clay and watch it rise.

ABOUT Terrance

Terrance is a retired Canadian Armed Forces Logistic Officer who traded his military uniform for a potter's wheel, when he retired in 1991.

Terry is presently working out of his studio, located in Longueuil, (St-Hubert,) Quebec, Canada.  You can find out more about him  here.


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