For Peace

For Peace.


A battle gruesome

I fought this day

In a harsh rugged land, far away


Amidst the chaos

The contest grew quiet.

I lay down to rest and dream of home


Speaking with mom, kissing my bride

Walking with dad, washing my car

Cutting the grass beneath blue clear skies

Grilling some ribs, drinking cold beer

Laughing with family, dining with wine

Holding my child, visiting friends

Wearing clean clothes, a suit so fine.


But alas.


The conflict of battle, for me, is over

Dust and sand settles upon my face

The heat of the day grows cool in a way

The warm ochre walls turn a pale cold gray

The mountains give way to distant darkness

A tree reaches high towards the sky

Grasses bend and birds fly


My friends, towards me race

Telling me not to go

I smile at them and shake their hands

I close my eyes and thank them so


I found peace today, my body quiet

It floats on eight and flies by night

I am going home, others at my side

We will travel that highway

For all to wave

As we pass by

Arriving home to the pipes

Singing a lullaby

And biding farewell to all who cry




My battle of glory was fought this day

I died believing that I died for peace

I am not alone with this thought

I am sure.

Many others say it’s so

Many others say it’s so





Cpl Nicholas Raymond Beauchamp


Pte Michel Levesque

Les Héros du Canada

17 November 2008


ABOUT Terrance

Terrance is a retired Canadian Armed Forces Logistic Officer who traded his military uniform for a potter's wheel, when he retired in 1991.

Terry is presently working out of his studio, located in Longueuil, (St-Hubert,) Quebec, Canada.  You can find out more about him  here.


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