My Library

My Glaze Recipes
Updated 23 May 2012
This is a collection of recipes that I have accumulated over the years. I have collected them from many sources and have given credit from where they came. If you feel that the credit is not correct you are invited to document your beliefs. Some of the recipes have been tested by me, but many are not. I will try to show a piece that was glazed with the recipe as well...
My Articles
I have written a few articles and have published them in the local ceramic journal (no longer publishing.
My Short Stories (Fiction)
UPDATED 15 Mar 12
I did not do well in English Composition nor did I do well in English Grammar. Spelling was my weakest subject. As a result, I have tried to write whenever I have had time and when I have felt the urge to create with the written word.
My Poems
Updated 15 Apr 12
I enjoy trying to write poems. I have a few that I enjoy and some that are there as a statement of my feelings. I hope you enjoy these
Invited Writer
I hope to invite other artists to submit their writings for our enjoyment and for more understanding about visual arts and craftsmanship.
Events and Announcements
Updated 15 Apr. 12
Looking for a residency program or perhapes a workshop given by a renowned ceramic artist, then this link should help.  This page will also announce various other activities and events.  Come back to visit from time to time in order to keep up to date.

ABOUT Terrance

Me at the wheelI have recently started to enjoy making sculpture. My latest project is working with the Serge Bourassa bronze foundry located at St-Robert, Quebec; just out side of Sorel. I am awaiting my latest series of bronze pieces.

The major difficulty working with bronze sculptures is finding a place in the studio where one can use wax and plaster without contaminating the workspace for clay art..


My Art Studies:  Although I have practiced my art since middle school, my formal studies did not begin until 1981 when I enrolled for courses in basic design, lithography and drawing at the Concordia School of Art in Montreal, Quebec.  More information about my studies is available
Shows, Exhibitions and Festivals:  I became a professional artist in 1988 after graduating from University.  Thus my show record is not extensive.  Nevertheless, I use every opportunity to display my work.  information about my show record is available.
Affiliations and Organizations:
The military required individuals to participate in community activities and this training carried over into my new civilian activities.  I believe that one must participate in order to make change.  More information about my affiliations is available.
Publications and Conferences:
TMy experience in China has given me the opportuntiy to speak in public about life and craft in China.   I have also published three journals for 1001POTS. I presently write a blog and I do dabble in poems and fiction short stories.  More information about this side of my life is available.