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China tour with Terry

Will the members be travelling as a group on the international flight to Beijing The members will be required to make their own international travel arrangements.   At present Air Canada round trip flights from Toronto to Beijing at the time of our tour cost about $1600.00.
How do we get from the airport to the tour hotel in Beijing As members will be arriving at various times the transfer from the Beijing airport to the tour Hotel will be a personal responsibility.  You will receive the name and address of the hotel once the reservations are completed.   Members are reminded to take authorized taxies only.  The cost will be approximately, $25.00.  Here is a good link to tell you about the taxies in Beijing. Also note that Beijing taxis charge by their size.  Small, medium, and large.
Do the taxi drivers speak English so that we will be able to tell them our hotel address Most taxi drivers do not speak English.
How do we tell them the name of our hotel? We will forward the address of the Beijing Hotel to each traveler.   It will be in English and in Chinese text.  You present this to the driver.
Is there alternative transport to our hotel? Yes.  You can take a shuttle bus into the center of the city then take a taxi.  The shuttle bus is less expensive but one must still take a taxi in town.  Take a read here:
Will there be anyone at the hotel to meet us? Wendy and I will be at the hotel.  You can contact us via the front desk.  If you are arriving late we will meet in the dining room at breakfast.
Do I need a visa to enter China? class="auto-style5 "Yes, you will need to apply for a visa.  As our tour will require you to be in the country for about 22 days, a 30 day visa should suffice.   If you plan to stay longer than 30 days you will need to apply for a three month visa.    We will send you a letter of invitation to travel with us to Sanbao.  If you wish to come earlier as a resident we will make out the letter accordingly. Please let us know if you wish to spend a longer period in Sanbao.  See the Sanbao Website: href="" for information about the Sanbao residencies are all about.
I wish to leave the tour in Shanghai.  Will my return to Beijing and hotel stay be included in the tour price? <> If you leave the tour in Shanghai on day 12 you will receive a flight ticket to Beijing and a one night stay at the tour hotel.   Transfer costs of taxis and/or shuttles to and from airports/train stations are a personal responsibility.
When we arrive in Jingdezhen where will we be accommodated?  Will we stay at Sanbao or will we be at a hotel in Jingdezhen? This will depend upon the Sanbao resident occupancy.
You state that we can return to Canada from Beijing or Shanghai.  What are the arrangements? You will be leaving the tour in Sanbao/Jingdezhen, and will be taken to the airport for your flight to Beijing or Shanghai.  A room for one night accommodation will be reserved for you as part of the tour.  If you wish to stay longer in Beijing or Shanghai on your own, Sanbao will reserve a room for you.
What are the international cost associated with arriving in Beijing and departing from Shanghai?  You should call a travel agent to find the information. You can find this info on the internet
How do I pay for my tour? You will be required to make a 50% payment three months prior to Wendy.  This can be done vie bank wire transfer.  The remainder will be paid when you arrive in cash or if you wish by travelers' checks or credit cards.   Credit card payment will have a 3 to 4% transaction fee added to the amount.
How do I get money in China? Most cities now have ATMs.  I personally bring two Credit cards and two bank cards.  I also bring US Dollars.   You can get Chinese Yuan at the airports exchange booths.  You can also exchange traveler’s checks but to do this you must have photocopies of the first page of your passport.  Debit cards are also usable in major cities.  Be sure to let your credit card companies know that you are traveling in China
When do we have to make the first payment? I will be requesting the 50% of the balance ($1925.00,) be paid via bank transfer during the first week of August. The remaining amount can be paid in Yuan, when you arrive in Beijing.  Getting Yuan when you first arrive can be a bit of a hassel.  This is why I advise everyone to make the full payment.
In the trip description it says that all meals are included. Does that mean breakfast lunch and supper? Yes, all meals are included, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Alcohol is personal expense.
< face="Arial Unicode MS,sans-serif"> How long does it take to get a visa for visiting China after the application goes in Getting a visa depends on your location. If you send for it, via the post, it will take the post time and one week in the Chinese Embassy. Check with your travel agent. They usually have a two week service. Using your travel agent will insure you have the correct paper.
Is there a regulation about expirery dates on our pass ports? You must have six months or more before expirery, left on your pass port from the date of entry into China.
Are there any special inoculations needed for visiting China?

We are traveling in the fall so you should not need anything other than the hepatitis shot. If you wish an optional diarrhea shot can be had or you can bring along some antibiotics in case.

I usually bring the drugs and a bottle of strawberry extract. It works wonders for traveler’s revenge.  I suggest you see your doctor or a medical travel clinic, to ensure that your shots are up to date.

What should I bring along with me, such as medicine, toiletries and such? color="#FFFFFF" class="auto-style5">Go to this link and browse.  It will give you a lot of information about what to bring when you travel China.   It also talks about medicine and vacines.   Go:

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