My Art Gallery


My Library

I have always enjoyed writing short stories and poetry.  So I have put a collection of my writings along with articles written by other artists that I found most interesting.   Be sure to spend some time in my library.  You might enjoy it.   You may also find some surprises there.

My Etsy Store Front

Artfire is a craft website that sells art and craft made by craftspersons.   It is a quaint place to visit.  There are lots of catagories to search out.   I have my shop on Artfire and I call it "Clayart,"  be sure to visit it..

My Blogs:

I presently have two active blogs.  One of the blogs is used to convey information to the group of people going to China with me in 2012.   The other blog is called Etsy-Extention.  It is about the shops, people and goods one finds on the etsy website.

My Links: 

Just a short note to let you know that I have a great collection of links.  I not only give the link but I add a short description about what one will find when the go to the linked site.  Be sure to spend some time there but remember to come back.