My Art Studies

2010 Céramique Bonsecours, Montréal, Québec; Patrick Rollet Workshop
2009 Céramique Bonsecours, Montréal, Québec; Dorothy Feibleman Workshop.
2007 Céramique Bonsecours, Montréal, Québec; Gustavo Pérez Workshop

Céramique Bonsecours, Montréal, Québec; Sin Ying Ho,Workshop Blue and White and decal applications in ceramics.
2006  Céramique Bonsecours, Montréal, Québec; Gilles Lauzé, Master Mould Making.
2003  Céramique Bonsecours, Montréal, Québec;  Les Manning, Workshop.
1997/98  Céramique Bonsecours Montréal Québec; Eves Louis Seize, RÉFÉRENCES,  Sculpture Workshop.
1996/97 Céramique Bonsecours Montréal Québec; Gilbert Poissant, PascalArchambeault, Morice Savoie, CREA, Architecurual Ceramics.
1991/92  Georgian College School of Art, Barrie Ontario; Individual Studies and Pottery Workshops. 
1983/1988 University of Manitoba School of Art, Winnipeg (Manitoba), BFA Graduate.
1977/1979  Symposium School of Art, Winnipeg Manitoba;  Oil painting. 

ABOUT Terrance

me at the wheel I found teaching to be the most enjoyable experience of my life.   During my military career I was lucky enough to be appointed the commandant of the Canadian Forces School of Food Services.  

The more enjoyable teaching position I held was a a pottery teacher at The Visual Arts Centre in Westmount, Montreal, Quebec.


Shows, Exhibitions and Festivals:  I became a professional artist in 1988 after graduating from University.  Thus my show record is not extensive.  Nevertheless, I use every opportunity to display my work.  information about my show record is available.
Affiliations and Organizations:
The military required individuals to participate in community activities and this training carried over into my new civilian activities.  I believe that one must participate in order to make change.  More information about my affiliations is available.
Publications and Conferences:
TMy experience in China has given me the opportuntiy to speak in public about life and craft in China.   I have also published three journals for 1001POTS. I presently write a blog and I do dabble in poems and fiction short stories.  More information about this side of my life is available.
My Links:  Just a short note to let you know that I have a great collection of links.  I not only give the link but I add a short description about what one will find when the go to the linked site.  Be sure to spend some time there but remember to come back.